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A focus on sustainability for individuals and business comes with many benefits including cost savings, finding a true purpose, competitive advantage, and attracting and retaining talent.

My name is Inge Westerink and I support consumers and businesses in their sustainability transition as a Greenfluencer, Public Speaker, and Sustainability Consultant. 



Influencing with a focus on making the world more green and sustainable. On my Instagram and blog I educate consumers on how to make more sustainable decisions. I exclusively collaborate with sustainable brands to provide them with a platform to reach a larger and new target audience.


Public Speaker

To reach as many people as possible and spread my sustainability view and knowledge I speak often at events and host workshops. These can range from personal sustainability for consumers and sustainable career advice for individuals to business focussed talks discussing sustainability strategy, ESG, CSRD/ESRS requirements and more on request. 


Sustainability Consultant

Using sustainability to future-proof businesses is what I am passionate about because it brings along many advantages. My experience has taught me how to build powerful and influential business strategies, and communicate about your brand's sustainability message in an inspiring way.

Instagram, LinkedIn & Blog

What started as a passion project in 2020 has grown into an 11k+ community on Instagram and a 1k community on LinkedIn. My pages and blog focus on educating consumers and business owners on sustainability. I help them explore alternatives for their personal lives, teach them about important certifications and regulatory requirements and how to build a sustainable career.

I exclusively collaborate with sustainable brands and charities to provide them with a platform to reach a new and larger target audience to ensure the power of my influence is used only for good.

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