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Product Review: Pixie Mood

The leather industry has been around for a very long time. Because of this, there are some misconceptions about the industry that I wanted to have a closer look at. A lot of people think that leather is only a by-product of the meat industry. Unfortunately, these days this is no longer the case reports Business of Fashion and Good On You. More and more calves are being raided for their skin. Our hunger for leather is simply bigger than our hunger for meat. But not to worry, there is another, more sustainable way to be stylish!

Without anyone ever noticing the difference, you can still be stylish and have a beautiful bag. Pixie Mood has proven this to me, with its timeless high-quality design. This laptop-bag allows me to create content for my blog and Instagram page on the go, so has become a new essential in my capsule wardrobe. What makes it so great is how versatile it is. You can style this with any type of outfit, from a smart one (like in the picture below) to a casual outfit of a pair of jeans with a jumper and some flats.

Let's review this bag keeping my usual four sustainability topics in mind:


For all their products Pixie Mood uses beautiful, vegan-friendly polyurethane (PU). PU does not use toxic chemicals which are harmful to the environment and our bodies, in the manufacturing process. For their lining, they use recycled polyester. Did you know that using recycled polyester uses 90% less water than making new polyester? The plastic bottle print is a cute detail to remind you of this. Every time I look into my bag, I know that it saved some plastic bottles from going into landfill and that feels great.

Supply Chain

With an annual visit, this company ensures that all standards are met in their factories. They have made a commitment to ensure health and safety, wages and benefits, no forced labor, no child labor, and no harassment or abuse. Things that might seem obvious in our world but need extra attention in other places. The fact that a company keeps a close eye on this is very important to me.

Environmental Impact

This is the slightly more technical part, so I will try to explain everything as well as I can. This year Pixie Mood is celebrating 10 years with carbon offsetting. What does this mean? They have taken their next step towards sustainability by teaming up with Terrapass to offset all the carbon emissions they’ve produced over the past decade. Terrapass funds several projects to get rid of greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy.

Quality and Durability

By looking at this product you can see that it has been manufactured very well. All the stitching is very neat, and the materials used for this bag are very strong. All of these are indications that the bag will last for a long time. Pixie Mood is also great when it comes to customer service, so when in doubt you can always contact them. Something I personally really value working in the customer service sector myself.

Hopefully, this review introduced you to yet another sustainable alternative. I will continue my research and find the best options to share with you. As always thank you for your support. It means so much to me.

Yours in sustainability,


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