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Product Review 3: VIVAIA Boots and Knitwear

VIVAIA is a brand very close to my heart. It's been wonderful to have seen how we have both been growing alongside each other and how we have been able to support each other along the way.

Therefore I'm very excited to be reviewing some of their newest products for you: their boots and a piece from their new knitwear range. Let's dive in!

The Gemma Boots

Next to their first products made from recycled plastic bottles, VIVAIA has now started some new innovative techniques. For their boots, they now also use recycled wool. This not only ensures a comfortable fit but also keeps your feet nice and warm during the winter months. As I'm living in rainy Amsterdam now, I'm hoping in the future VIVAIA will find a way to make these boots waterproof as well. If that was the case, these boots would be absolutely perfect for me.

Fit wise, these boots will shape towards your feet more and more as you wear them. Even though these boots have a bit of a heel I comfortably walk in them almost daily to work now. The grey colour is also very easy to style and is a great alternative if you fancy something different from black (this is why I chose them).

The Merino Wool Shirt

This top is made from 100% merino wool, which is super soft and since it's not a blended fabric it will be 100% recyclable after its life. This last part has become important to me personally. Lately, I've started considering what happens to products I've used them. For me, recyclability has therefore become really important. If you choose natural fabrics (like wool or cotton for example) that are pure (100% on the label) you ensure recyclability.

As the model on the website was wearing a size M, I choose to size up as well. Usually, I wear size S, but size M in this top fits me perfectly.

The top also completely unbuttons which gives you lots of different styling options. As trying to do more with less is a sustainable way to look at your wardrobe, pieces like this are a great way to stay inspired and create new combinations.


From the start of their brand, VIVAIA is always trying to find new ways to create the products we want en need in a more sustainable way. They continue to find more sustainable materials to add to their designs and really care about the durability of their products. The very first pair I have received from them about two years ago, still look like they are new. That to me proves these are products worth investing in.

As usual, I couldn't leave you without sharing a discount code for this wonderful brand. You can use code IW for 18% discount.

Please do let me know if you have any questions about these products or the brand. I'm always here to dive into some more research for you if you need me to.

Lots of love,


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