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On a Mission with Roetz: Sustainable Styling on a Bike

When I heard about Roetz I felt inspired straight away. It is a brand on a mission to innovate bike production by using recycled materials. Their positive impact on society and the environment truly makes a difference. Keep reading to learn more about my personal experience customizing a bike and how I incorporate cycling into my work.

Visiting the Fair Factory

Roetz’s Fair Factory, is a very special place. From the moment I set foot inside, I could feel that innovative ideas are being created there. One of their staff members told me on my visit that Roetz is currently creating a new e-bike (the Life Bike) that will be fully modular. Therefore this bike will be very durable so it can go the extra mile for people and the planet. I found it very inspiring to hear more about their circular mindset when it comes to their innovation and the creative process of their new bikes. All bikes currently already are created from recycled materials where possible and I'm looking forward to seeing where this company will go in the future. Companies consider circularity to be an important development for society and Roetz seems to have a front-runner mindset when it comes to this.

The people at the Fair Factory

Hearing some stories from the people at the Fair Factory really touched me. People with poor job prospects (for whatever reason) get the opportunity to further their careers with Roetz. This has such a big impact on those people their lives, which I think is an amazing thing for a business to consider. You can make a bigger difference for more people this way.

Creating your Roetz bike

One of the most exciting thing when getting your bike is that you get to fully customize it. Only the things you need will be included on your bike. Which is a great way to be more mindful about your purchase. Don’t need it? Then don’t put it on your bike! After carefully considering my lifestyle and my bike’s purpose, I went for a bright yellow frame (as it’s easy to find back), 3 gears (the perfect amount for me), a basket (easy for my shooting days as a stylist) and an extra lock and lights for safety.

Sustainable Styling on a bike

Next to my personal life, cycling more is something I focus on for my work as well. This is great for reducing my CO2 footprint but also helps me on shooting days as a stylist. In a big city, a bike is much easier to get around with and you can get to places that might otherwise be difficult to reach. The handy basket on the bike gives me the space I need to take some essentials with me.

Check out this inspiring brand!

It wouldn’t be my blog if I wouldn’t tell you to be mindful about what you purchase. However, if you are in need of a new bike, make sure to check out Roetz. They currently are the most sustainable option out there. Next to that, I suggest keeping an eye out for the amazing work they do. Both from an environmental en social point of view. They follow some inspiring practices a lot of other companies could learn from. You can learn more about the brand and the customizable bikes here.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I will answer each and every one of them with great care and sufficient research.

Lots of love,


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