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Product Review 4: VIVAIA SS22 ARIA5

VIVAIA has been one of my partners ever since I started this blog and it continues to inspire me to see this brand grow and continue to have a positive impact on the fashion industry. They really show that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. One of the most exciting parts about this review is that I get to share more about their new and improved classic the ARIA5 and some of their new heels.

ARIA5 Flats

The very first pair of shoes I received from VIVAIA were their ARIA shoes in Forest Green (as shown in the picture above). I still wear these shoes often, and due to the fact that they are machine washable, they still look like new. Since I've used them so much it was great being able to review the new ARIA5 shoes as it was easy for me to compare them. This time I chose them in Natural Peach so I can add them to my capsule wardrobe.

The first thing that stood out to me is the new and improved footbed. This really makes a difference when you wear them as they give just that little bit more support for your inner arch. Something I didn't know was missing but it surely improves the fit. In the past, I would have grabbed a pair of trainers to go for a long walk but more and more often I now grab these beauties.

The newest and most exciting feature is how they have changed the angle of the pointed toe. The toe angle has now changed by 5 degrees and this is why the shoe is called ARIA5. This new fit ensures a more ergonomic feel and ensures your toes feel happy and free.

Generally, for shoes I'm between two sizes and sizing down on this style worked for me. Hopefully, this information helps you in selecting the correct size, so you can minimize shipping items up and down and reduce your CO2 footprint that way.

Heels Julie

What I noticed in both shoes is that the yarn the shoes are made from seems to be even stronger than the one before. This means that the shoes keep their shape very well but are stretchy at the same time. Not sure how VIVAIA did it, but it seems to be a recipe for the most comfortable shoes.

These shoes I would for sure recommend for the Spring and Summer. The knitted fabric ensures that the shoes are breathable which makes them great to wear during these seasons.

What is good to know about these heels is that unlike the ARIA5 they are not machine washable, unfortunately. This might be good to consider whenever you choose a certain colour if you happen to be as clumsy as me for example ;).

The size of these shoes seems to run a bit smaller than their other shoes. I would recommend picking your usual size or sizing up if you are in-between sizes.


I remember the days that this brand only had a few styles of shoes on their website. To see them grow like this is just wonderful. It proves that things can be done in a more sustainable way and I'm proud I can support a brand like this.

The more scientific direction they are taking with the fit of their shoes also really appeals to me. This means the shoes aren't only great to look at but the fit also works for your lifestyle.

As always, please only buy something if you need it, but if you do, you can use code INGELOVE for 18% off on any of VIVAIA's items.

Hope this blog may help you make the best sustainable choices and please let me know if you have any questions.

Lots of love,


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