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Product Review: BEAUTILD

Recently I came across the brand BEAUTILD, what a gem! Quite literally actually as it's a sustainable high-end jewellery brand that uses lab-grown diamonds and creates personalized products. I believe in investment pieces when it comes to jewellery. For me, the items I now invest in should last a lifetime (or perhaps even longer). The personalized approach from BEAUTILD is truly special.

Lucky me

For this project, I got to create this necklace together with the owner of BEAUTILD called Sarah. Sarah gave me a special insight into the creation and production process and helped me create just the perfect piece. For a while, I was looking for a necklace that I could wear on a daily basis, that would remind me of my views on life, and would match my aesthetic. Sometimes when times get difficult I need a little reminder of how lucky I've been, how much I've achieved and how hard I've worked. We managed to create a piece that reminds me of all these things.

Gwen Lucky Charm Necklace

After a couple of sketches from Sarah (see below), the idea came together. The Gwen Lucky Charm Necklace was born! The next step would be for Sarah to get the clovers made, polished and put the necklace together. Every step of the way I got an update from her, which has made the process very special to me.


This company absolutely stands for top-grade quality. The necklace and the other pieces from the brand are so refined and you can see so much love has gone into every single product. You can also choose whether you prefer white or yellow gold for your piece which makes it easy to pair with what you already might have. The ability to create a personalized item will help you invest in an item that you'll love and wear as much as possible.


At BEAUTILD all materials are sourced in the most sustainable way, keeping the CO2 footprint of the gems in mind and ensuring the items are put together locally in the Netherlands. For every sold product a tree gets planted and all pieces are designed and made to last. A real investment piece you can be proud of to wear in many different ways.

Sarah is now taking appointments via her Instagram. If you are interested in one of her existing pieces or have an idea for a piece you'd like to create yourself, make sure to book in via the @beautild_jewelry Instagram. You can contact Sarah directly via DM.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions about the brand or the products. I'm very happy to do some additional research to answer your questions.

Lots of love,


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