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Product Review: Earthastic Designer Bag

Did you know that all the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today? For me, this is a fact and an image I can't get out of my head anymore. It's estimated that some types of plastic take around 500 years to decompose in a landfill*. However, the fact remains that plastic hasn't been around long enough to be sure about this. All we've seen so far is that plastic breaks down into smaller pieces (called microplastics by scientists). The best thing we can do? Reduce our plastic use. The Earthastic Designer Bag can help us with this.

A couple of years ago (pre-covid and pre-me-going-sustainable) I remember travelling to Kenya.

We got strictly searched at the airport for plastic bags. Something I never experienced before at an airport. Plastic bags have been prohibited in Kenya since 2017**. This really made me wonder why this isn't the case everywhere? We should see this as an example of it can be done differently.

Banning plastic bags (or all single-use plastic) is really something I hope our gouvernement will look into soon. Until that time, I for sure will try and do my best as a consumer and I hope you will do the same. The Earthastic Designer Bag has become my favourite replacement for plastic bags.

It puts a smile on my face for 3 reasons:

1. It helps me consume less plastic

2. Its sustainable production

3. Its durable and bright design

1. Consuming less plastic

Worldwide, a trillion single-use plastic bags are used each year, nearly 2 million each minute***. If we'd all invest in a reusable bag that would last us a lifetime we would reduce so much plastic pollution! This bag is easily foldable which means you can just keep it in your bag no matter where you go, just in case. Handy for the moments you happen to pass a supermarket on your way home from work for example.

2. Sustainable production

Of course, I wouldn't be reviewing an item for you if I wasn't sure it was produced in an honest and sustainable way.

- This bag is made from 100% certified Organic Cotton.

- The bag carries a 'Bags of Ethics' label promoting a responsible supply chain and environmentally-friendly practices across the entire production process.

- The printed ink is 100% REACH compliant which means that ecologically responsible paints or inks have been used.

3. Durability

What stood out to me immediately was the high quality of these bags. The material is very strong and easy to clean (you can hand wash the bags using a mild soap). It can also hold up to 10kg weight which proves how strong it is. Next to that the bright design never fails to lighten my mood. Something Earthastic does extremely well with their designs, they are always happy and bright.

The first time I took this bag with me I already got a compliment from a stranger at the plant store. For sure a sustainable piece that stands out!

Another tip for being more mindful about your grocery shopping: visit your local greengrocer for fruit and veg. They usually wrap their products in paper, instead of plastic and this way you can support a local business.

As always, try and use what you have before you purchase something new. If you are in need of a new shopper, I couldn't recommend this bag and brand more! With Earthastic I always feel safe in the knowledge that they will choose the most sustainable practices and are out there to make a difference for people and the planet.

If you have any questions about my experience with this bag or about the brand Earthastic then please let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram.

You can get your bag here.

Yours in sustainability,


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