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Product Review: WOMSH Trainers

A new brand to review! A sustainable footwear brand called WOMSH reached out to me to see if I would review some of their newest trainers and it seemed like an interesting project to give you all a bit more insight into their product, fit and mission.

WOMSH is a brand I see in more and more stores these days, which makes me happy. If we can make sustainable brands approachable to more people then that is for sure a win. And since we still seem to purchase most clothes and shoes in stores it is even more important that brands like this are available to buy in-store.


The design of these trainers is very luxurious to me. You can see how much hard work and eye to detail went into them. For me, no breaking in was required, but ensuring to wear socks that are high enough at the back was important to avoid rubbing. Size-wise I went for my normal size and these seem to fit well. I personally like a bit of wiggle room for my toes. If you prefer a snug fit for trainers you might want to size down on these.

Sustainability of the products

We probably all would like to know what the most sustainable shoe is. Unfortunately, this is not a question I can answer for you as it is something very personal. Some people might prefer to only wear vegan options and others might argue that leather seems to be more durable and can be worn if it's second hand or recycled for example.

The great news is that WOMSH has both options available for you. On their website, they have recycled leather options as well as a vegan line.

The best thing about their website from my perspective is the transparency level. For WOMSH, sustainability means answering these 6 questions:

  1. What is this product made of?

  2. Where was it made?

  3. Who made it?

  4. In which conditions did the worker work?

  5. Was the worker paid fairly?

  6. How can we return part of our profits to improve our society?

For each product on their website, you can find answers to all these questions. This makes it so much easier for a consumer to make a well-educated decision. You can stay true to what is most important to you. For me, this has always been the working conditions and fair pay for the people making the items I wear, so when I chose these trainers it was great to have this information.

Sustainability as a business model

Next to producing in a good way, WOMSH also believes in the importance of giving back to society as they are aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility as a company. Therefore they work on several projects for example offsetting CO2 and recycling used trainers into tiles for playgrounds.

Currently, 90% of the energy they use is from renewable sources. Yes, there is room for improvement but the fact that they openly report on this for their website means they are working on it and are committed to this. A wonderful example for the industry.

If you need something new and if, like me, you find it important to know as much about what you buy I couldn't recommend this brand more. It really is worth the investment.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else you'd like to know about WOMSH. I will look into it for you personally. And lastly, I'm very grateful I get to share this discount code with you so hopefully, you can enjoy trying out your own WOMSH sneakers. You can use INGE15 for 15% off on the entire website.

Lots of love,


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